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Brown paws of an unfamiliar stray trotted across the hot sandy beach bordering the Sea of Cortez in San Carlos, Mexico.  The tiny canine leapt and landed in the shade of the silent sail of a beached catamaran.  My daughter, Kate, turned to follow my gaze and began to question the origin and condition of our new interest.  Within seconds my gaze shifted to the security worker walking the resort beach. I sensed the danger of his instructions from management to eliminate any possible threat to the families vacationing at this prime location.

Kate and I immediately emerged from the gentle waves and began a slow and deliberate course towards the vulnerable animal.  Fear became movement as the diminutive dog retreated from our reach.  The hesitation with this escape made us wonder if there had been people in the little one’s life or whether she was simply in desperate need of fresh water.

Quickly retrieving water from our condo, we set out as saviors of Guadalupe, attempting to intercede any efforts of eviction from security.  As we retreated from the offering, our furry friend began to drink.  Not yet trusting us she moved away each time we approached her space.

Later in the afternoon, the sun was beginning to lower in the sky while Kate was gracefully moving through her asana sequence.  I breathed in the ocean air as a gentle breeze reminded me of the grace and serenity in her moves.  Her backdrop of expansive water was decorated by a small moving dot of dark fur.  As I watched the four legs carefully move toward Kate I smiled in the synchronicity of having just observed her flow of downward dog pose as it glided into upward facing dog.  Kate caught the timid movement of puppy paws near her yoga mat and moved onto the sand crouching in a low puppy posture.  This engaging friendliness enticed our furry friend closer and eventually into a playful interaction. Kate immediately offered both water and food and it was not long before there was closer proximity and a new friendship. Kate rummaged through her beach bag and retrieved her camera and zoomed in on her friend.  She called to our now gathered family that this collarless one was a girl and that she had markings similar to a German shepherd. Closer and closer the girls played until Kate and the puppy touched.

The energies of yoga, the playful wisdom of my daughter, the ocean and a puppy overcoming fear to accept a loving hand all wrapped into a moment that spirited the deepest breath of compassion ever experienced by my heart.  Tears ran down my face and I promised myself there was to be no further abandonment for this puppy.

Action became our mantra as we made plans to rescue our downward dog.  My son, Clay, offered himself as the dog’s new master and his generosity and commitment helped me see him as such.  My partner, Tom, put forward a donation for whoever rallied to our cause.  We unified to search the small Mexican fishing town of San Carlos for the veterinarian who could provide the necessary doggy passport to freedom.  This support came from a woman who herself sheltered ten abandoned dogs and knew what the summer heat would do to a dog without a home. She secured the necessary rabies shot from a generous veterinarian and each step of the rescue flowed easily and gracefully to result in tests, treatments, bathing and the necessary shots to help our new friend across the Mexican-Arizona border.

Shortly after the ocean receded in my rearview mirror I took a deep breath and released the anxious determination that spirited me through the past days events.  The enormity of the accomplishment of six reminded me of the strength in unity.  I welcomed a deeper breath and whispered a prayer of thanks to the players in this miracle and forever logged this event in my being.  I placed it gently within the organ that pumps compassion throughout my veins and reminds me that we beat to one purpose.  I fell in love with four brown paws belonging to our “beautiful girl”, Bella.  We all had matched our actions with our heart and our lives had become exponentially more abundant.


  1. I do so love doggy and kitty stories.

  2. Awesome story and beautiful writing!

    • Thank you so much, Beth. I am grateful for your visit!

  3. Oh my goodness what a cutie! And who doesn’t love a great dog rescue story? Well done! Also, hooray!

    • Thank you Cindy. I am so glad you came over to visit me!

  4. You and your gorgeous family have won my heart, hands down, Nancy. Thank you for being so determined to help a little furry soul. You’ve just made mine purr!

    • Hello Souldipper,
      I am so happy you visited the blog. I am additionally pleased you read my favorite post, Bella’s story. The gift of Bella was a heart opening experience that took me to a deeper level of “If not us, who?” I am grateful to Bella for awakening compassion and to my family for being team servers. Win/win experiences are the best (:
      Thank you again for visiting me and you now are entered into a drawing for a free CD, Guided Meditation for Children – I am the Breeze. I will be announcing the three winners on Sunday morning.
      I hope you will visit again.

      • Many thanks, Nancy! If I win, I have an ECE friend who will find the perfect way to share it with the kids!

      • That is wonderful Souldipper. Good luck!


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