Yoga Therapy for Children

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Yoga, Children, and All Things From the Heart

I promised myself I would not move again for a very, very, long time.  And here I am moving my blog to a new site.  Fortunately I had great help getting myself here and hope to nest a while.

I love to share all things that open my heart, lift my spirit and nurture the child that resides within me.  I will share with you thoughts and experiences that impact me at a deeper level, or simply make me laugh and want to play.

I wrote a book titled Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child – Meeting Needs in a Natural Setting.  This was fun because it melded all of my previously mentioned loves for sharing.  I soon will be releasing  Guided Meditations for Children – I am the Breeze.  This CD involves a practice embedded in the yoga tradition as well as opening hearts and lifting spirits for children eleven years and up.

I hope you will join me in my journey to share impressions that make a difference in my life and which I hope will touch yours.

Nancy Williams


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