Yoga Therapy for Children

This site is the bee's knees

Thank you Leslie for welcoming me to the family of Word Press as you have always incuded me as your sister. Those that follow the blog will be happy to know they now can access your artwork, which is your passion. You are the exceptional illustrator of “Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child”.

Leslie White

My sister has recently joined our blogging community here on WordPress.  I announced here, the release of her book on yoga for the special needs child in 2009. She has continued to offer workshops, lectures and demonstrations for educators, physical and speech therapists, doctors and parents of special children. She also shares with her private clients, helping them to grow and experience the gifts that Yoga can offer them. I find her work fascinating and her perceptions new and innovating. She brings a breath of fresh air to everything she does and an element of the spiritual always comes through.   One post I really liked was when she wrote of her daughter and the rescue of a little dog, Bella. You can visit her new blog here.

Welcome to WordPress, Nancy!   🙂


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  1. Hi Nancy, welcome to blog land. I look forward to your posts. I have not been able to do Yoga. Maybe the yoga for children would work for me. As they say…baby steps. 🙂

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much for visiting me. Les is a great sister to send you over to say Hi. I would take you in my yoga class any day and thoroughly enjoy it ( :

  2. Hello! Hello! So nice to see you ‘here’.

    • Thank you so much for coming and visiting me! I appreciate the comment.

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