Yoga Therapy for Children

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I have a ball doing yoga and it is also fun!  Using small hand held balls in yoga takes the focus into playful games while accomplishing the same stretches and postures.  We are sharing that fun with you !

  • In straight leg sitting place a ball on your lap and roll it to your toes as you slowly move into forward bend.  Roll the ball back to your lap as you slowly sit up in straight back sitting.
  • Sitting in butterfly place the ball between your feet.  Scoop under your legs and keep the ball between your feet as you balance in flower.
  • Place the ball between your hands in Namaste and move your arms up into volcano, balance the ball between hands as you bend into sitting half moon, now to the other side.
  • Pass the ball “behind” you, hold it in your “right” hand, now your “left”.  Place the ball “on” your shoulder and “under” your leg.
  • Place the ball in front of you on the mat and with your fingers walk the ball around you, passing it to the other hand when halfway behind you.  Now take it in the other direction.
  • Show me the ball that is the color of the ocean, the color of a strawberry, now the color of grass.
  • sitting criss-cross place the ball in your lap and fold forward in yoga mudra.  You are now an oyster hiding your pearl.  Slowly come up in sipping breath.
  • Sitting in a circle, at the count of three pass the ball to the person on your right.  Reverse, pass the ball to the person on your left.  (excellent for rhythm and timing)
  • Begin with the ball between your hands in Namaste and extend your arms in front of you.  Hold in midline and count to twenty.  Bring the ball back into Namaste.
  • Continue to have a ball!                                                                            Nancy Williams


  1. Congratualtions on your new blog! You will find blogging very rewarding. I am a senior not a little one but your yoga may help me as well. I feel like I need it!

    • Thank you Linda for visiting me. I appreciate your comment!

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