Yoga Therapy for Children

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I love Garland pose!  I love to move my body down into the squat and balance.  I imagine it is because it releases any pain in my lower back and gently stretches my achilles.  Over time it has strengthened my feet and legs and has opened my hips.  It is wonderful to lower myself near the floor to clean up a spill, tie a child’s shoelace or steady myself to take a photograph.

Why do children like Garland pose or squat?  Well, let’s see…

  • It brings you into eye level with your cat or dog
  • It poses you like a frog and you can jump like one too
  • It stretches your toes like a duck’s webbed feet (yoga toes)
  • It is the perfect height to maneuver under a card table tent
  • It prepares you for a perfect tuck when performing a cannonball off a diving board
  • It strengthens your legs and warms up your knees for peddling a bicycle
  • It is an easy transition into standing and running, if you need a quick get away
  • It is excellent for hiding
  • It prepares you for the perfect launch as a rocket
  • It is wonderful for playing in the sandbox, making mud pies and inspecting a small bug, all without getting debris in your shorts
  • it strengthens your legs for pumping a swing
  • it is the ideal posture for jumping out from behind furniture to scare someone
  • It is wonderful for balance when looking through the knot in a fence or through a keyhole
  • It allows you to keep your bottom off the cold ground when roasting a marshmallow
  • It is excellent technique for selecting a lure or baiting a hook for fishing
  • Gee, it is yoga and KIDS LOVE YOGA!

Nancy Williams


  1. What excellent ideas you come up with for the use of yoga in a child’s everyday life, Nancy. I laughed when I read the one about roasting a marshmallow. 🙂

    • I am glad you liked it! I love figuring out how yoga impacts my daily life in very functional ways! I will try this again with another pose

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