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Is That a Feeling or an Emotion?

I remember the first time someone asked me if I knew the difference between an emotion and a feeling.  What?  I didn’t!
Now I check myself frequently to move into my authenticity and to remain in the present moment.  An emotion is generally attached to a memory and takes you into the past.  You might even bring up the visual it is attached to or a story where you claimed this emotion as a belief.  A feeling is in the moment, something that you experience now and without attachment.  It is typically how we see children live their life.  Authentic.
For example, happiness is often an emotion, it is generated from something outside of you.  A feeling would be better described as JOY and is generated from inside you.
I have learned that emotions can be healed simply by identifying them and understanding what they are attached to.  I have forgiven myself for judging my emotions and the actions that continue to bring me back to those emotions.  And the result, greater joy, love and peace, the beautiful feelings we are made of.
Nancy Williams


  1. What a gorgeous photo, Nancy! I agree that a feeling is in the moment and I often express an emotion.

    • The great thing is that you know the difference ( : It tookme some time to discern these. Thanks for visiting the blog!

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