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Announcing Nancy’s new Guided Meditation CD

I am the Breeze is a guided meditation CD produced to light imagination and support inner creativity for children eleven-years-old and up. Each track delivers a positive message within a story and is enhanced with sounds and music. The short meditations provide an oasis for conscious breathing and an opportunity to relax.

Versatile in design, the listener may enjoy one story or the entire sequence of stories. I am the Breeze can be used at the end of a yoga class; as a mini break in the classroom; to enlighten prior to a creative art, writing or drama program; or, simply for unwinding at home

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411 N. 4TH AVE. | TUCSON  AZ  85705

Some recent reviews

on Amazon: “[I am the Breeze] relaxes me and allows my mind to release all the clutter and thoughts of the day. I find it an exceptional meditation enhancer. I think these meditations are creative, inspiring and a wonderful teaching tool for any age.” read more >>

on CDBaby: “I have tried to come up with stories on my own when my daughters and I practice yoga together. I am just not that creative. My girls love the CD! They are so relaxed after listening to the stories and I get to relax with them! Thank you, Nancy!” read more >>

Nancy Williams is an award-winning author, a certified speech pathologist, experienced, registered yoga instructor, ERYT-500, who provides therapy to children and young adults.

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  1. I look forward to the cd. I will utilize it with my upcoming summer yoga camp. I am excited for you as well thank you for sharing this it ties in nicely with many upcoming yoga adventures. Be well,
    Shalise Nichols
    founder/instructor of blissfolds yoga®

    • Shalise, so glad to see you here! You, my dear, are now entered in the drawing for Guided Meditation for Children. Thank you for visiting me!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I am enjoying this CD as much as my Granddaughters are and we don’t even practice yoga. I listen to it many evenings and sometimes when I am painting. I want more! The Granddaughters are listening to it as stories and ask me questions about them. I suppose that is because they are so young. So, I have decided it is a great teaching tool, also!

    • I am so glad you came to visit me and comment on this posting. I am also happy that you like the CD and use it with your granddaughters. Congratulations, you are now included in the drawing for the free CD give away!

  3. ritamaryn

    I hope there is no age limit when the title says “4 children.” Can big children use it too?? 🙂

    • Hi Rita,
      I am so glad you came by to comment. I am thinking your inner child will love this CD! Congratulations, you are now entered into the drawing to be gifted a CD.

  4. Hi Nancy – I would love to win your new CD to use in my therapeutic & inclusive yoga classes at the JD McCarty Center and the classes I volunteer teach at Educare in OKC! I’ll share the giveaway info on my OMazing Kids page 🙂
    ~ Angela

    • Hi Angela, Thanks for visiting my blog once again! I am grateful for your support and always admire your team spirit. Congratulations, you are now registered for the drawing that will take place Sunday morning by my son, Clay.
      I am sorry the Thunder did not make it further, but I sure enjoyed your video and it warmed my heart to see all the teens so involved. I have a soft spot for anyone with CP.
      Thank you for sharing, I truly am grateful for this.

      • Thanks Nancy! I was excited to see that I could subscribe to get your blog posts via e-mail now 🙂 I’m sure the kids at JDMC are disappointed that the Thunder lost but we are still hoping that some of the players will visit & the loss is a chance to teach our kids about “resilience” (

  5. Lili Madrid

    I think this CD would be beneficial for me to learn more on how to help children through a guided meditation.

    • Hi Lili,
      I am so glad you visited the blog. Congratulations, you are now entered into the draw for a free CD. We will be announcing the winners on Sunday morning. Again thank you for visiting.

  6. I am joining the ranks of classroom teachers who are introducing the principles of yoga into their classrooms. This CD would be a terrific addition to my growing library!

    • Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for visiting me. Congratulations, you are now entered in the drawing for a free CD. We will be announcing the winners on Sunday morning after my son makes the pulls. Again thank you for visiting me.

  7. Jodi Castallo

    How wonderful this would be for my daughter.

    • Hi Jodi,
      Thank you for coming to my blog to post a comment. Congratulations, you are now entered in the drawing that will take place on Sunday morning. The three winners of the CD will be announced at that time.
      I hope you come back and visit me again.
      Yes, it would be nice for you to have this for your daughter.

  8. Kate Fabel

    I live in Mississippi and am hoping to start teaching children yoga, taught a summer yoga camp for kids once which was so much fun and also taught teen yoga class this past semester, enjoyed watching kids make such great progress in their mindfilness, and flexibility, could have used your CD in my classes. It’s not easy to be a yogi in the fattest state in the nation, thus my desire to introduce kids and teens to yoga, disconnect them from their electronic devices for just an hour and teach them to love themselves and breathe…
    Namaste y’all,
    Kate Fabel

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for visiting the blog. Congratulations, you are now entered in the drawing for Sunday morning to win a free Guided Meditation for Children CD. I will be announcing the three winners then.
      That is great you want to teach children yoga, it is very rewarding and fun besides. I hope you will come back and visit me again at

  9. Katie Penley

    Is this competition open to international people? I live in Australia and would love to use this cd during meditation time at the outside hours school care I work at. We have recently brought meditation into the program and the children would love to listen to new cds!

    Katie 🙂 xx

    • Hi Katie,
      Yes, the offer is good for international as well. Congratulations, you are entered into the drawing for Sunday morning. We will be announcing the three winners then. Thank you for visiting me and yes, it would be wonderful to use this CD in your school. It is fantastic you have added meditation to your program.
      Hope you visit again.

  10. Hi Nancy, Wow, I would love to be able to use this in my kid’s yoga classes, for my own children and now, I’m even thinking I would like it for myself! It sounds fabulous!
    Thank you for producing this, I can’t wait to hear it!
    Elizabeth from Blooming Kids Yoga

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Great that you have so many ideas for the use of the CD. You are now entered in the drawing for Sunday morning. I am grateful you came by the blog and I hope you visit me again!

  11. Teaching yoga to kids makes my heart sing! I
    Love the comments and hugs I get each week from the children. To add these beautiful guided meditations to a class would be awesome! I’d love to win this!!!

    • Hi Dee,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and viewing the announcement. Congratulations, you are entered in the drawing that will take place on Sunday morning. It is a blessing to teach children to yoga and I am grateful we both do.
      Thanks again for visiting and I hope you come back again!

  12. Hello there Nancy …
    I see you have it in at Antigone Books … Thinking perhaps Changing Hands, up here in Tempe would carry for you and I would be more then happy to ask Carrie if she would be willing to carry it at her studio & coffee shop, Inside the Bungalow …
    Have an excellent weekend! Many Blessings, gwendolyn

    • Hi Gwendolyn,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. That would be really nice. Congratulations, you are now entered into the drawing for a CD that will take place in the morning.
      I love the name of the store, very warm.

  13. Jennifer

    What a fantastic resource not only for my girls at home, but also for my clasroom!!!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. You are now entered in the drawing and the winners will be announced in the morning. I hope you return to visit again.

  14. ritamaryn

    Who won?

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