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Is That a Feeling or an Emotion?

I remember the first time someone asked me if I knew the difference between an emotion and a feeling.  What?  I didn’t! Now I check myself frequently to move into my authenticity and to remain in the present moment.  An emotion is generally attached to a memory and takes you into the past.  You might …

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Loving is something we all strive to do more deeply and with less conditions.   With our set precedance of Namaste yoga becomes the perfect setting for children to explore their love for self, and ultimately others. Over the past week I have integrated self-love activities into the yoga classes I teach for children.  I …

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RESCUING A DOWNWARD DOG Brown paws of an unfamiliar stray trotted across the hot sandy beach bordering the Sea of Cortez in San Carlos, Mexico.  The tiny canine leapt and landed in the shade of the silent sail of a beached catamaran.  My daughter, Kate, turned to follow my gaze and began to question the …

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