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Thoughts on Finding Peace

Desiring peace is a constancy in yoga therapy for special needs children.  As a society we have claimed peace as our ultimate mission.   We focus on calm, balance, inner tranquility or a community, country, and world free of battle.  You may have painted and embellished a detailed picture within your consciousness that illuminates a …

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I wish to thank those of you who entered the drawing for the CD, “Guided Meditation for Children – I am the Breeze”.  There were five winners, (I know I said three, but I am a softie).  If there were not people like all of you, those that show interest, we would lack the audience …

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Announcing Nancy’s new Guided Meditation CD

I am the Breeze is a guided meditation CD produced to light imagination and support inner creativity for children eleven-years-old and up. Each track delivers a positive message within a story and is enhanced with sounds and music. The short meditations provide an oasis for conscious breathing and an opportunity to relax. Versatile in design, the …

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Raise Your Arms Up!

As a pediatric therapist I am aware that many special needs clients do not experience enough time pushing up into puppy (cobra), nor do they remain very long in four point (cat).  The result is upper extremity weakness with  poor posturing and limited stability to use their arms.  This is how I use yoga to …

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I love Garland pose!  I love to move my body down into the squat and balance.  I imagine it is because it releases any pain in my lower back and gently stretches my achilles.  Over time it has strengthened my feet and legs and has opened my hips.  It is wonderful to lower myself near …

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What are qualities of a good teacher?  Why do some teachers captivate their students, while others not so much?  Perhaps it is in the passion, the love,  for what they are sharing.  Maybe there is an awakening inside of them to continue the beauty of what their teachers brought to their life.  Yoga seems to …

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Yoga, Children, and All Things From the Heart

I promised myself I would not move again for a very, very, long time.  And here I am moving my blog to a new site.  Fortunately I had great help getting myself here and hope to nest a while. I love to share all things that open my heart, lift my spirit and nurture the …

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